Our means of production

Discover our production capacity 100% French 100% quality.

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100% French design and manufacturing


All of our suppliers are based in France. We are particularly proud to participate in support of the national economy and generate jobs indirectly on the French territory.

This organization allows greater responsiveness and greater control over the quality of manufacturing at each stage of the process.

Production capacity of more than 500 units/month


Elan Cite workshops are equipped with a production capacity greater than 500 units per month.

Thus, Elan Cite is able to guarantee the respect of the deadlines and maintaining the manufacturing quality even during peak activity.

The manufacturing process is highly industrialized (CMS assembly lines). The assembly entity is ISO 9001 certified.

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Design and development by specialized engineers


To benefit from maximum reliability design, each of the engineers in R / D is specialized in his field:

  • 1 electronic developer engineer for developing and monitoring the hardware / software components of electronic devices cards,

  • 2 computer engineers for development and monitoring of setup software, retrieving statistics and Bluetooth and GPRS gateways,

  • 1 mechanical engineer for the definition and optimization of the design and mechanical features (choice of materials, specific forms for maximum usability of the product)


Constant Innovation: 10% of the turnover is dedicated to the Research and Development.

Acerca de Élan Cité

Fabricante francés especialista del radar pedagógico desde 2005, Elan Cité ha sido una de las primeras empresas francesas en ofrecer estos soportes de prevención y cuenta actualmente con toda una gama de soluciones para la gestión del tráfico, la señalización urbana y la información al viajero.


emplazamientos equipados


radares pedagógicos instalados

Elan City mantiene sus capacidades de producción durante el periodo de COVID-19. Nuestros equipos de ventas permanecen movilizados para apoyarlo en sus proyectos.